Server admin and Trial admin Guidelines

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Server admin and Trial admin Guidelines Empty Server admin and Trial admin Guidelines

Post by Xana Stones on Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:33 am

IF YOU ARE A DONOR ADMIN YOU DO YOU FALL UNDER THIS!!! Read the donor admin guidelines!!

So youv come to server admin. good work. now for some basic rules on your new ranking.

1. As a server admin you are over donor admins and trial Admins, when banning another admin you may only ban for 1 day (1440).

2. After banning another admin you MUST report it under the forums.

3. As a full SA. you may answer admin calls off AOD if there are no AODs online. and can use any command to solve the issue. remember your commands are for administrative reasons only. not for trolling your friend. Trial SA's MUST GO AOD to answer admin calls.

4. if there is an AOD online. full Server admins may use ban banid kick jailtp slay and freeze. you may also noclip with a building sign up for building reasons.

5. You are representing Obliviousrp. please attempt to remain professional out of character. (IE in a sit doing anything out of RP AOD etc.)

6. trial admins may call on real server admins to help with issues if they cannot come to a conclusion about a sit. server admins may goto the AOD in need and return themselfs after they are no longer needed. this is the only exeption for rule 4.

7. Donor admins will also need help. Server admins are allowed to go to any donor admin in need when they ask for it and return themselfs. the catch is if the server admin wants to take over the sit he can.

8. Use common sense. Please forward any questions to Xana stones, or nick and we will answer them.
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