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Post by Xana Stones on Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:36 pm

Donor Admin: - Has access to ULX commands and VIP jobs. can go AOD and answer sits. 15$s a month or 30$s for 3 months.

VIP : - Gives access to VIP jobs such as SWAT and Pro theif. also gets PRIORITY reports and assistance. - 10$s a month or 25 for 3 months.

Custom class : 20$ base price. comes with one default Gmod skin. 15$s a gun. 35$ Ghook. 45$ machete. No rare weapons. (IE m202 Milkor CSO/CF weapons Etc.) Custom skin: 25$s.

Unban - Unbans a user from any offence. encludeing perms. (within reason) - 20$s


Rares will be added to the price list soon but for now are restricted to MA and higher. sorry charlie!

Edit: if you were permed for ddos threats u will not be unbanned
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