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Post by Nick on Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:47 pm

Welcome to the new, revamped and easy-to-understand rules of ObliviousDarkRP.

Note: Since our rules have the possibility to cover multiple rules at once, do not attempt to bend the rules.

General Rules

1. Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.
2. Respect everyone. No shit-talking, purposefully annoying people or trolling.
3. Do not prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
4. Body-blocking is not allowed if you are doing it to troll or be annoying.
5. No Bunny Hopping. It is unrealistic.
6. Do not mess with Admins on Duty, they are not role-playing so you shouldn't interact with them as if they are, whatsoever
7. Scamming is not allowed whatsoever. Blind Auctions are also not allowed.
8. Do not impersonate Nick or LSP Gaming, or any member of the ObliviousDarkRP administrative team member.
9. Do not ban evade by going on alts. We will simply perm the alt and increase the ban on your main.

General Rules - In Depth

Role-playing Rules

1. Do not randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match)
2. Follow the New Life Rule. If you don't know what it is, scroll down on this page to the 'New Life Rule' section.
3. No job abuse.
4. As a thief, don't pickpocket anyone in the spawning area or anyone taking the Civil Protection test.
5. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a role-play situation.
6. Do not mic spam.
7. Do not spawn kill. As Hitman you cannot kill someone in spawn. (You also cannot stand and wait for them to leave)
8. Don't speak or joke about DDOS, even in role-play. (If you do not know what this is, do not worry about it)
9. No nudity or porn in the Cinema. If you think it might not be allowed, don't play it on the media center.
10. Mugging is against the rules.
11. The RPG, C4, and IED can only be used as a raiding tool, since they destroy props. If in the process they kill / hurt people, that is fine.
12. Kill on sight (KoS) signs are fail role-play.
13. You must make a reasonable attempt to take the Mayor hostage before opening fire on him (you must be a raiding class to take hostages).
14. The Mayor may use anything in the CP Armory.
15. Private Class' may not role-play as: Hobo, Civil Protection (Includes CP Helper), Mayor (Includes Mayor's Guard), and Hitman
16. You may not defend random people, only your friends, gang members and allied gang members.
17. You may raid someone after selling them entities, unless an agreement was made otherwise (See Scamming Rules).
18. Hobos may not own doors, since they are homeless.
19. Baiting Civil Protection is not allowed. It's FailRP.
20. Accidentally damaging someone (crossfire) is still RDM. Read more below.
21. The Mayor can build in the PD as long as it does not block walking space (Comic Props only, no fading doors)

Role-playing Rules - In Depth

Raiding Rules

1. You may raid as: Thug, Thug Leader, Thief, Respected Citizen, Elite Citizen, Private Class, Locksmith (See In-Depth for exceptions)
2. You must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding. (you must wait 20 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base)
3. You can not raid the PD from inside a base, you also cannot raid an obviously empty / open base. That's RDM.
4. You can not SG / RPG or otherwise damage someone and then not raid them.
5. You may raid someone who is already being raided as long as you completely raid the base (Do not just kill the existing raiders)
6. The exception to rule 1 is that hobo's may ONLY raid if with a Hobo Leader. They may only use: Gun Dealer Weapons, Lockpicks, and Keypad Crackers

Raiding Rules - In Depth

Civil Protection Rules

1. Corrupt Civil Protection members are not allowed.
2. Civil Protection members may arrest players with illegal guns or contraband out on sight.
3. Civil Protection may use any weapon they have available to them.
4. SWAT may free-roam, but must protect the Police Department and Mayor during a raid / lockdown.
5. Civil Protection members are NOT allowed to baton rush.
6. Civil Protection members are NOT allowed to base/own doors/homes. The Police Department is your home.
7. Civil Protection members are NOT to arrest hobos during a lockdown, since they have no home.
8. Do not randomly weapon check someone. (Being in the PD is reason enough for a check)
9. Do not raid without a warrant. A building open to the public does not require a warrant to go into, unless there is a closed off private area such as a back room.
10. Do not metagame. You cannot warrant based off hearing money printers or cocaine labs through the walls.

Note: You cannot drop weapons as Civil Protection because you have access to an armory.

Civil Protection Rules - In Depth

Mafia Class Rules & Guidelines

1. Mafia Members are required by default to coordinate with other members of the same mafia, if they don't then it is considered fail role-play.
2. The two Mafia Classes are by default at war, and are therefore KoS for each other.
3. Mafia members may not KoS the opposite organization in the middle of the streets, they may only KoS the opposing members within private alley ways and tunnels, (this does not include the large tunnels conjoining parts of the town) and inside of homes that are either unowned or owned, as long as it is private.
4. Both Mafia Classes may raid in groups of two or more, they may not raid solo.
5. If you kill a member of your own Mafia, it is considered FailRP and RDM.

New Life Rule
If this is the first role play server you have ever joined, then let's update you with something called the New Life Rule, or NLR for short.

The New Life Rule states that once you die, you forget everything that happened to you. This means that, after you die, you don't immediately go back to the place you died.

In our server after you die, you go into a 'ghost mode' for 60 seconds. After you are out of your ghost mode, you must stay away from the place you died previously for an additional 4 minutes (5 minutes including the ghost time).

If you died while being raided, you are free to go on back after your NLR time without guns drawn. (Because you cannot remember that you were raided, or who raided you, so you can't be prepared).

Civil Protection has some exclusions. NLR still applies to them when it comes every situation except for a raid on the Police Department (since it is their home). If Civil Protection die during a raid they are allowed to go back to the PD without guns drawn directly after the ghost time of 60 seconds.

Building Rules

1. Do not abuse the fading door.
2. Keypads must be working, have a hold length of 5 seconds, and be placed near the door they open.
3. At only one entrance of your base may you have 2 fading doors. The rest of the entrances may only have one fading door.
4. A player must be able to enter and exit your building without having to destroy any props.
5. Do not build anything that gives you a ridiculous advantage over people breaking into your base. See examples below.
6. Do not build inside unowned buildings or ones that you do not own.
7. Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public. However the Hobo, Disk Jockey and Radio DJ classes are an exception. They can build on the sidewalks and park areas.
8. Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NCPs or Dumpsters spawn.
9. While building, put up a sign that states "BUILDING" to let others know not to mess with you. Once you are finished building, remove the sign. While building, you should not have any printers or other entities. If you do, those entities can be removed.
10. In regards to rule 9, do not interfere with people that have a "BUILDING" sign.
11. No Megabasing. See examples below.
12. No concentration camps, Nazi regalia, or inappropriate structures.
13. No GIFs or offensive material on text signs and keep your signs in role-play (no random signs).
14. Do not build on rooftops unless they are connected to a staircase. Do not store entities on these roofs.

Building Rules - In Depth

Combat Engagement
The rules that permit you to fire your weapon.

You can fire at someone if:
1. You have made a warning call beforehand (and you have a legitimate reason to feel threatened)
2. Someone is shooting or stealing from you / raiding you.
3. A person is stopped, facing you, with a pickpocket, (or any item with the same model) out.

You cannot fire at someone if:
1. They are government personnel (if that is the sole reason).
2. They are doing no harm.
3. You have not given out a warning call.

In-Game Laws

These are the laws that should be followed in-game. Disobeying them in any way may result in punishment by government personnel.

The Mayor cannot change laws that are defined below as "Always illegal" or "Always legal". Laws Mayor can change are defined below.

Always legal:
1. Owning a handgun
2. Self Defence with a legal weapon

Always illegal:
1. Murder, Assault, and Robbery
2. Firing off a gun in public
3. Owning a machete / sword or weapon that is not a semi automatic pistol
4. Owning contraband
5. Fight Club

Mayor can change:
1. Weed / Bongs to be legal
2. Stunsticks to be legal
3. Non-contraband items to be illegal
4. CP Disrespect (legal by default)
5. Knives to be illegal

Contraband is: Weed, Coke, Weed Plant, Coke Lab, Bongs, Door Charges, Printers, RPG Ammo Crate, Lockpick, Silent Lockpick, Pickpocket, Keypad Cracker, C4, Ghoster, Super Ghoster, RPG, Grenade Launchers, Unarrest Baton, Stunstick, Compound Bow, Cupid's Bow, Shock Rifle
Contraband is not: Weapons Ammo Crate, Brewing Barrel, Beer, Radio, Medic Kit, Grappling Hook, Bugbait, Knives

Note: This contraband list may not always be completely up to date, and common sense should take over. For example, a golden deagle is a rare that is a semi automatic pistol. So it is legal. A Milkor, is obviously not.


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