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Post by That Peter Eater on Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:23 am

Their Username: Ragan
Their SteamID (if known)  STEAM_0:1:107441879
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58109229
What were they doing?: He randomly bans without speaking to the victim of ban. He doesn't know the rules.
    I just got banned for 1440 minutes. Reason is lying to an admin and RDM. My story is, a guy was inside of me and my friends base with a lockpick. My friend owned the door, but I was based with him, I just didn't own the door. Since it was my base aswell, I shot the intruder. Ragan with his pro admin skills, decided to just say I tried to get rid of the RDM evidence by selling the door. I never owned the door, also, it wasn't RDM since he was in our base. Before even talking to me face to face, he went with his gut and banned me for a day.

   Ragan should be nowhere near Trial Admin because he cannot handle the power. He doesn't know how to fairly solve an issue. He finds any possible way to ban the people that he doesn't like. My friend raided his base successfully, so Ragan tried to say it didn't matter because he has a keybind that says "/advert Raid!" into the chat.

   He makes up lies saying that we invited people from our friends list to come and RDM on the server. Also trying to say we called the server worthless when we have almost a full day on it. Please demote this swine so he can learn the rules and properly apply for Trial Admin.

Nick please private message me so we can talk about Ragan.

That Peter Eater
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Ragan Report Empty Re: Ragan Report

Post by Xana Stones on Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:18 am

Need proof man. Repost when you get proof. Denied
Xana Stones
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