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Post by Nick on Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:38 pm

The Boss

Nick  - STEAM_0:0:69288440

Helps the Owner run the entire server and fills in when owner is gone
Xana Stones - STEAM_0:0:78286240

Server Management
These guys Check player and admin reports and punish accordingly. they also help in-game.
Raven Nightfall - STEAM_0:0:55427897 Head MA
Austin Twine -  STEAM_0:0:59624160 (Trial)

Forum Management
They know what happens on the forums before anyone
Nick  - STEAM_0:0:69288440 - Forum Manager
Xana Stones - STEAM_0:0:78286240

Server Admins
These guys are the root of our server they enforce all the server rules
Raven Sinner - STEAM_0:0:55427897
iknowimnotcool - STEAM_0:0:74889936

Trial Admins
These guys want to prove themselfs.
Swaginator - STEAM_0:1:73001192
Clythex - STEAM_0:1:64869121

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